El Almendro y nutrición

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Nutritional benefits: The almond is a food highly nutritious and full: 12 vitamins, 7 minerals, high content of magnesium and protein source. Besides, the almond is rich in fiber and has a high potential as prebiotic, improving the health of our digestive system.

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Nutrition and health

For every 100g
of edible portion

USDA Almond Values


Calcium: 254 mg

Magnesium: 258 mg

Phosphorus: 510 mg

iron: 4,2 mg

Potassium: 860 mg


Monounsaturated fat acids: 36,66 mg

Polyunsaturated fat acids: 10,03 mg

Omega 3: 0,256 mg

Omega 6: 9,77 mg


20 g


650 kcal.


Riboflavin: 0,67 mg

Niacin: 5,3 mg

Vitamin E: 20 mg

Thiamin: 0,24 mg


14,3 mg

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El Almendro - El Arbol del almendro

Almond Tree

Almond tree has been cultivated in Spain for more than 2,000 years. It’s likely to be brought in by phoenicians and lately spread by romans, since both made it trade reason, as it has been proven by the ruins found in sink ships. Its cultivation was initially established in coastal areas.