Traditional Turron Trays

El Almendro offers you a big variety of the most traditional turrons of Christmas in Spain, in individual portions and ready to set in your table. In this variety you will find crunchy turron, tender turron, yolk turron, crunchy chocolate turron, chocolate with almond turron and portions of hazelnut praline, almond praline and truffle praline.


White chocolate turron stuffed with turron in portions:5.
Milk chocolate turron stuffed with hazelnut praline in portions: 4.
Chocolate turron stuffed with truffle praline in portions: 5.
Crunchy turron in portions: 2.
Tender turoon in portions: 2.
Toasted yolk turron in portion: 2.
Crunchy chocolate turron in portions: 3.
Chocolate with almonds turron in portions: 3.

Case 400g

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Our turron masters have innovated combining the traditional tender turron recipe with chocolate in fine veins, to get a turron of shocking appearance and that will be the delight of turron and chocolate lovers.