Cosecha propia

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El Almendro Cosecha Propia

El Almendro launches a range “Cosecha Propia”, paying tribute to our almond fields and the expertise that has been along you during all these years.
We wanted to elaborate some really special turrons……

The turron’s creation begins in our almond’s fields located in Sierra de Gredos. The temperate microclimate of this natural enclave situated in Valle del Tiétar, as well as the abundance of water’s currents, considered as one of the purest of Spain, bring the perfect conditions to cultivate the almond.

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Cosecha propia

Our almond trees grow up in the valley of Tiéter river, secured by a warm climate and water by thaw waters of Sierra de Gredos, considered the purest of Spain. An environment where the climate sets the rhythm of almond production.