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Traditionals Turrons
SINCE 1883
Turrones tradicionales

Traditionals Turrons

Classic Spanish festive turron to share with all the family. This turron is prepared in the traditional way by our master turron-makers including a high percentage of selected almonds. All our exquisite products are highest quality. Christmas classics will thrill real turron lovers.

Crunchy almond turron Crunchy almond turron

Made with an extremely high percentage of toasted almonds, this Supreme Quality turron is the result of mixing exquisite almonds with caramel (honey and sugar) and adding egg white, thereby creating its characteristic white colour. An eternal classic.

Creamy almond turron Creamy almond turron

Almonds and caramel are ground up, stirred and heated to achieve the exact setting point in the special ‘boixet’ vats, under the watchful eye of the master turron-maker. It is left to cool and divided up into portions.

Toasted Egg Yolk Turron Toasted Egg Yolk Turron

The exquisite mixture of almond and egg yolk brings a unique flavour that, once toasted, becomes a widely-appreciated product thanks to its delicate flavor and smooth texture.

Coconut Turron Coconut Turron

This tasty turron made with grated coconut pleases even this tropical fruit’s most demanding fans.

Walnut-cream turron Walnut-cream turron

Exquisite traditional turron, combined with cream and walnuts, that really gives your taste buds a treat.

Fruit Turron Fruit Turron

Based on dough that combines exquisite almonds with pumpkin and cherry confit, it takes on its traditional, characteristic look once cooked.

Crunchy Almond Caramel Turron Crunchy Almond Caramel Turron

Made in a similar way to hard turron, although the caramel does not contain egg albumin, so this product is a darker, golden and shiny colour, characteristic of caramelised sugar. The almond content is also 60%.

Imperial crunchy almond turron Imperial crunchy almond turron

Typical Spanish round bake made by mixing almonds with caramel (honey and sugar) and adding egg white to give it a white colour. Imperial crunchy almond turron boasts supreme quality and can be found in most Spanish homes over Christmas and New Year.

Filled wafer turron cream Filled wafer turron cream

Crunchy almond shape wafers filled with a high percentage of almonds (64%) turron cream, a different, original and unique product.

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