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Traditionals Turrons
SINCE 1883
Turrones tradicionales

Traditionals Turrons

El Almendro offers a wide range of the classic turrons that are a feature of Spanish Christmas festivities. Our master turron-makers still produce them in the traditional way, with a high percentage of carefully-selected almonds to guarantee the very finest quality. These delicious products are perfect for sharing with the whole family and will delight true turron aficionados.

Crunchy Almond Turron Crunchy Almond Turron

Made with an extremely high percentage of toasted almonds, this Supreme Quality turron is the result of combining these delicious almonds with a honey-and-sugar caramel to which egg white is added to achieve its characteristic white colouring. This turron is a time-honoured classic whose flavours will transport you back to childhood.

Crunchy Almond Turron Portions Crunchy Almond Turron Portions

Our delicious crunchy almond turron now comes in portions to make it even easier to enjoy your favourite turron or even take a portion with you wherever you go. Discover our new format this Christmas.

Creamy Almond Turron Portions Creamy Almond Turron Portions

Creamy almond turron was never so easy to eat! El Almendro presents its creamy almond turron portions based on its delicious time-honoured recipe, but now in individual portions. Discover our new format this Christmas!

Creamy Almond Turron Creamy Almond Turron

The production process of creamy almond turron is a complicated one and is always supervised by our master turron-makers to ensure it reaches the exact set point that is such a characteristic of our turron. A high percentage of almonds is combined with honey, sugar and egg white, the perfect ingredients to produce this mouth-watering turron.

Traditional Marzipan with Egg Yolk Traditional Marzipan with Egg Yolk

The delicious combination of almonds and candied egg yolk produces a unique taste sensation which, when toasted, results in a product that is hugely popular for its delicate flavour and smooth texture.

Coconut Turron Coconut Turron

This delicious turron made with grated coconut is perfect for the most discerning lovers of this tropical fruit.

Walnut-Cream Turron Walnut-Cream Turron

This delicious traditional turron features walnuts and cream, resulting in a truly mouth-watering flavour.

Fruit Turron Fruit Turron

Our fruit turron adds glacé cherries and candied pumpkin to a delicious almond base, which help to give it its characteristic format.

Caramelized Almond Turron Caramelized Almond Turron

This unique turron is made in a very similar way to the classic crunchy almond turron, with the difference that the caramel is allowed to become much darker and glossier, a feature of caramelized sugars.

Imperial Almond Turron Imperial Almond Turron

This product, which is a staple of Spanish confectionary, contains almonds, honey-and-sugar caramel and egg white to achieve its characteristic white colouring. Our Imperial almond turron is in the Supreme Quality category and is a must in every Spanish home at Christmas.

Filled Almonds Filled Almonds

These crispy almond-shaped wafers are filled with creamy turron containing 64% almonds. This unique and original product is a hallmark of El Almendro.

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