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The new way to eat turron!
Palitos de Turrón

The new way to eat turron!

After more than 100 years of experience in making turrons, El Almendro presents a new, innovative and ground-breaking way to enjoy them. El Almendro’s turron sticks are ideal for enjoying with family and friends. Rediscover and savour all the traditional turron flavours in this light and original format. You’ll find them in an elegant presentation box for putting directly on the table.

Traditional Turron Sticks Traditional Turron Sticks

Mouth-watering traditional turron sticks made from the time-honoured recipe yet in a fresh new format to surprise you and yours. The whole family will love this new way of enjoying turron.

Salted Caramel Turron Sticks Salted Caramel Turron Sticks

Delicious almond and caramel turron sticks, another classic Christmas flavour that El Almendro has reinvented just for you. This is a flavour that nobody can resist and will be the big treat at all your parties.

Chocolate Caramel Turron Sticks Chocolate Caramel Turron Sticks

Naturally, El Almendro could not overlook the most sweet-toothed among us, so we combined the universally popular flavour of chocolate with our turron. These deliciously flavoursome chocolate caramel turron sticks are bound to be the most sought-after treat on the table.

Creamy Almond Turron Sticks Creamy Almond Turron Sticks

Creamy turron is an absolute must in our new range of products, which will make you fall in love all over again with the turron of your childhood. Our creamy turron sticks let you enjoy your favourite turron without leaving your fingers all sticky!

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